What Our Clients Are Saying...

We were so discouraged. My house had been listed for a year with no offers. We re-listed with TMT Realty Group and their marketing plan worked. Our house sold for 98% of the asking price and closed on time with NO HASSLES.

Richard Williams

Selling my house in a short sale is one of the most stressful things I have ever had to do. Their entire Team made it possible to get out from under the crushing debt and work toward a new start - they helped in every way possible. Thank you so much Ira and the entire TMT Realty Group team


Our home sold in two weeks at 98% of the asking price.

The Thompsons

Our home sold and closed for 99% of our asking price and we were able to purchase and move into our new home all in less than 90 days. Thanks to the entire Team

Jeff Stacy

Thank you so much - to the GREATEST Realtors in the world.

John Hutchins

Thank you so much - to the GREATEST Realtors in the world. JOHN HUTCHINS

John Hutchins

As a Single Mom I was very nervious about listing my house for sale and buying another home. But Stephanie and her Team were totally honest about the process and there were no surprises. They really care about the needs of their client. My house was sold in less than 60 days for 98% of my asking price and I was able to purchase a larger more comfortable home in a great school district.


It is so refreshing to meet people who care not just about the sale but how you are doing in the process. From Day 1 yours was the consumate Team. I was extremely impressed with the marketing plan and you kept me informed every step of the way. My house sold in 3 days at 98% of the asking price.

Craig Sanderson

From the first time we met and reviewed the marketing analysis and marketing program to the way the Team performed and opened the door to many buyers to your selling my home in less than 60 days in a terrible market at 99% of the asking price - we couldnt be happier about how things turned out.

Jim Phillips